05/10/10 — Immigration fix -- Here's a thought: How about a bus to the East Coast for illegal immigrants?

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Immigration fix -- Here's a thought: How about a bus to the East Coast for illegal immigrants?

So the Boston City Council is so incensed by the Arizona law that is allowing law enforcement personnel to check to see if an immigrant is legal that it is considering removing its investments from the state of Arizona in protest.

Sounds like an opportunity.

After Boston has pulled its money, it should use those funds to set up a free bus service. Its first stop should be the Mexico border. Any illegal immigrant who wants to should be able to board the bus and get a free ride to the city of Boston.

At that point, the city fathers can then take over the costs of law enforcement, social services, education and other expenses that are linked to illegal immigration. We feel pretty certain Arizona taxpayers won't mind that a bit.

And while they are at it, perhaps the Boston City Council can get some stimulus money to build a high-speed rail system from the border to accommodate even more of those who want to ignore U.S. law and slip across the border. Arizona taxpayers would likely be happy to pay for billboards across Mexico advertising the service.

See, the bottom line is simply this: There are many hard-working Mexican nationals who are truly seeking a better life as American citizens and are pursuing that dream according to the rules. Those people should be welcome here. But the others, the criminals and the law breakers, should be shipped home as soon as they are discovered.

That is, unless Boston is ready to accept the expense.

The problem with those criticizing the Arizona law is that they are not the ones dealing with the problem. And until they are, their opinion is nothing but hot air.

Published in Editorials on May 10, 2010 9:51 AM