05/24/10 — Who's in charge? Study on children and Medicaid another reason to get government out

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Who's in charge? Study on children and Medicaid another reason to get government out

A study was released today that brings into focus one of the chief concerns of those who are against the government becoming more involved in the delivery of health care.

Researchers discovered that too many children under the Medicaid system are not receiving the testing -- and immunizations -- they are supposed to be getting as guaranteed by system.

Some of that is a result of parents who do not take care of their children and who do not make sure they get the medical care they need. A child cannot make a checkup appointment; and a child cannot drive him or herself to the doctor's office.

But some of it is also a system run by government bureaucrats without enough checks and balances and not enough oversight to make sure care is being administered with the best interests of the patient in mind.

And these are the people some of your lawmakers want to be in charge of your personal health care?

The debate over the delivery and cost of health care is not over. Over the next few months and years, Americans are going to be talking a lot about the Obama administration's health care program and its potential successes and failures.

But some of the most important information could very well come from watching the government-run aspects of the system we already have.

There is no question that if the government can't run the system we have now without waste and fraud, then it is unlikely to be able to do any better when it is in charge of the whole enchilada.

And that's a concern we need to take seriously.

Published in Editorials on May 24, 2010 10:41 AM