06/18/10 — Loyalty matters: For many local small businesses, serving community is part of job

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Loyalty matters: For many local small businesses, serving community is part of job

Unless they work for one, many people in Wayne County likely do not know about the contributions small businesses and their owners and employees make to this community.

There are the obvious ones -- they provide jobs as well as tax dollars; they also buy supplies themselves; and bring customers in from other counties who are looking for the goods or services they offer.

But what is not as commonly known is that many of these small businesses are also active volunteers and are the backbones of many of the local efforts to support charitable causes around Wayne County.

They get requests every day to support this cause or to sponsor that event. And many of them are active sponsors in multiple events -- often in very big ways.

But they also offer a personal touch, too.

Many employees of small businesses in this community also volunteer their time at a variety of organizations around the area. The number of manhours contributed is really astonishing.

So, this week, the Small Business Center at Wayne Community College took time to honor three of the many small businesses in this community.

Topping that list as Small Business of the Year was Chevrolet Cadillac of Goldsboro -- which not only was honored for its business practices and success, but also for its commitment to the community.

And that is why so many people in this area should consider making a purchase here if they can rather than traveling to another county.

Small businesses like CCOG are here for the long haul -- and dedicated to supporting the community that supports them.

That is loyalty worth rewarding.

Published in Editorials on June 18, 2010 10:41 AM