06/25/10 — Relay roundup: Economy took its toll on total -- but not on the spirit

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Relay roundup: Economy took its toll on total -- but not on the spirit

The numbers are in and -- once again -- this community should be proud of the effort that raised more than $567,000 in the fight against cancer.

This year's Relay for Life had plenty of challenges to overcome -- not the least of which was the fluctuating economy. Yet, like the cancer survivors who are part of its teams and who wage their own battles against the disease with such style and grace, no one gave up.

And now, because of those efforts, more than half a million dollars have been poured into the continuing research that just might find a cure some day.

There will be some who will note that this year, the money raised was lower, even though the number of participants increased.

That is what happens when thousands face unemployment and lower salaries in a struggling economy and businesses pare down their own charitable efforts to make sure they can keep their doors open.

But even with this setback, the Relay for Life team of volunteers managed to pull off another successful drive.

Why? It is simple -- spirit and the love and hope that are the hallmarks of this event each year.

There is no better place to feel good about your neighbors, your family and your community than at the Relay for Life. And no better reminder just how precious life -- and love -- are.

All those who gave their time to this worthy cause should be commended.

Published in Editorials on June 25, 2010 10:31 AM