06/30/10 — Gulf fatigue: With so much else to worry about, we might forget to watch closely

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Gulf fatigue: With so much else to worry about, we might forget to watch closely

With so much on our minds, it would not be that surprising if many people in areas that are not directly affected by the oil spill on the Gulf Coast might just set it aside as a top priority in their minds.

They might be a little numb to the sight of the oil billowing out of the pipe or to the sad stories of the marine life and birds whose lives have been ended as a result of the spill.

But it is important for those who are in states with waterways and coastlines to keep a close eye on what the government is doing, the roadblocks that Louisiana and others are facing as well as what regulations are resulting from this horrible accident.

Because, there, too, could we be if we have a bout with a similar situation or if the current shifts and some of that oil comes our way.

There is no question that the oil spill has been handled poorly. The response has been lukewarm at best and the bureaucratic bungling has resulted in not only a safety award for the now-suspect rig, but also so much interference that local authorities cannot do their jobs properly.

And add to that the fact that now someone, somewhere has to figure out who is at fault, who deserves money and how to regulate drilling in the future, and there will be a lot more debate and a lot more chance for more mess-ups.

The Gulf Coast is just one of the many challenges this president and his staff face in the coming months. It is more critical than ever that we watch to make sure they are meeting our expectations.

Published in Editorials on June 30, 2010 10:53 AM