07/13/10 — Wrong answer: On immigration, suing Arizona isn't what most Americans had in mind

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Wrong answer: On immigration, suing Arizona isn't what most Americans had in mind

To understand the incredible stupidity of challenging the Arizona law designed to stem the tide of illegal immigration, you only have to really understand two concepts: 1. If you are in this country legally and your paperwork is in order and you are not doing anything you should not be doing, there is no reason to worry.; and 2. There is a line.

Let's take the first one.

The Arizona law is really only targeted at those who are engaged in suspicious activity.

If you are walking down the street with your child on the way to the library, you are not likely to be stopped.

However, if you are a cluster of young men standing around a street corner in a known drug neighborhood and you seem to be nervous and ready to run at any minute, expect to speak to a police officer.

It is kind of like driving your car.

If your registration is in order and you are not running a red light or speeding past a sign that suggests you should be going a bit slower, you are not really likely to have to produce your license -- i.e. prove you are a legal driver -- for a law enforcement officer.

The Arizona law follows the rules that are part of any search or suspicious activity call. It does not allow law enforcement officers to round up random groups of Hispanic-looking people to check to see if they truly are allowed to be here.

Now, for the second statement.

There are not just illegal immigrants slipping across the borders to take advantage of the opportunities afforded citizens of the United States. There are also thousands of people every day who have gone about it the right way. They have studied their soon-to-be-adopted country and its customs and language. They have filed the proper papers, and they have completed the work necessary to earn the right to take the citizenship exam.

They have waited for their turn -- and followed this nation's laws in their quest to become a citizen of this country. They did not hide in a truck or race to swim ashore before being caught by border control agents.

Why shouldn't they be at the head of the line for the chance to live and work in this country? Why shouldn't anyone who has ignored the rules and tried to bypass the proper procedure be sent back home until he or she completes the traditional application process and the work necessary to become a U.S. citizen?

The fact that the U.S. attorney general has time to target the state and people of Arizona -- and the fact that he and his boss seem to have chosen to ignore the majority of Americans who support the Arizona law -- is scary and unacceptable.

The fact that Eric Holder is accomplishing this task using your tax money should make you more than a little angry.

Illegal immigration is a hot button issue with most Americans. They do not really get why we cannot control the influx of people who come here without the proper paperwork, and why we cannot come up with laws that will send them back home if they do.

The average American could care less if we upset Mexico with an Arizona immigration law -- and is aware that other countries would never allow an invasion like this to go unchecked.

They want something done -- and it is not to sue the state of Arizona.

It is high time the current administration and its allies in Congress understand that.

Perhaps it is time to remind them.

Published in Editorials on July 13, 2010 12:12 PM