07/27/10 — Here's your chance: Really, tell us what you think about President Barack Obama

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Here's your chance: Really, tell us what you think about President Barack Obama

The best part of being an American is that no one can silence you when you have something to say.

And we are asking you to do just that -- before the hoopla begins and the next round of campaign speeches takes over the airwaves.

What do you really think about President Barack Obama and the job he is doing in the White House?

We have no agenda here -- if you have a positive comment or think the criticism the president gets is undeserved, by all means, send in your comments.

If you cannot listen to another person make excuses for the decisions made in Washington and think you have been sold a bill of goods, send us a couple of lines saying that.

Some of you already have.

The idea is not to lead a revolution or to advance a Republican or Democratic agenda. We really want to know what people off the street, who aren't news commentators, editorial writers or politicians, really think about the president and his policies.

Think of it as our own little Wayne County poll.

And, please, some of you, stop inferring that this has anything to do with the fact that President Obama is black. Newspapers have run commentary on the state of government in general and presidents in particular ad nauseam for decades. And it is simply silly to say that there was not dialogue about former President George Bush's intelligence or his decisions in the Middle East or former President Bill Clinton's moral faux pas and his health care proposals. In this case, we simply want to know what you think -- are you pleased or not?

So let's talk. Being an American gives us that right.

Why not have a discussion of our own -- before the pundits take over.

Published in Editorials on July 27, 2010 10:29 AM