08/27/10 — School support: It is up to all of us, too

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School support: It is up to all of us, too

It takes more than books and bricks to make a successful school.

Really great teachers are not enough either.

The best schools have a spirit -- a community feel. There are parents buzzing around and volunteers in the classrooms. Students can look to many places for guidance if they need it, and there is the sense that everyone is focused on one goal -- success.

As Wayne County schools begin another year, it is more important than ever that its school communities unite to work hard to make sure that as many students as possible have successful years.

There will be need for help with supplies -- there always is -- and a few people showing up once in a while to volunteer as classroom, playground, lunchroom and other aides will be as appreciated, as always.

But this year, there is more need than ever for community members -- some who might not have thought about being a role model, a tutor, a sounding board or even a contributor to the learning environment previously -- to come down and see what they can offer some of Wayne County's students.

It is amazing how interest from their community can motivate some children to try harder, to dream bigger.

And it really doesn't take that much time. Even an hour or two a week makes a difference.

Improving education is not about dollars and cents. It is also not just about standards and expectations. It is about sending a message that learning is fun and graduation a priority.

Community support helps send that message of confidence and possibilities.

That's a goal we can all help make come true.

Published in Editorials on August 27, 2010 10:34 AM