09/09/10 — Focus on future: Local leaders need vision now more than ever

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Focus on future: Local leaders need vision now more than ever

When the economy is faltering, there is a tendency to pull in the troops and to keep everyone clustered around the comforting campfire of "we will just wait it out."

When budgets are tight, the theory goes, the last thing a community should be doing is thinking ahead and taking chances.

And to a certain extent, that is true. After all, there is not a lot of money to waste, so any suspect project or an expenditure that needs more study should wait.

But when the days are dark and there is reason to be fearful, those are the times when it is particularly important to think with an eye on the future.

Now is the time to consider a new vision for this city and county -- one that sees possibilities and positions this community to take advantage of opportunities when the time is right. A well-researched move is always better when it is matched with "just the right time."

There will be opportunities for communities that are able to think beyond the immediate struggle, beyond the usual preconceived notions about growth and development.

Our leaders have to be careful not to be so intent on studying possible bad outcomes or how certain members of the community will react that they miss the bus for the next economic boon.

It isn't an easy job -- but it is a critical one if we really want Wayne County to grow and prosper.

Published in Editorials on September 9, 2010 10:50 AM