09/22/10 — Election folly: Republicans need to be careful of making a big mistake now

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Election folly: Republicans need to be careful of making a big mistake now

It is time for a "Dear GOP" letter.

Actually, it might be long past time.

As the midterm elections draw ever closer, the bickering has already started. The topic? Who is worthy enough to earn the title "Republican" and to claim a seat in government under the stamp of approval of the Grand Ole Party.

And if you think the petty baloney is bad now, wait until the election gets closer.

Now don't for a minute think that the Democrats are just sitting back and watching this battle rage. They are behind the scenes, too, stirring the pot. They have their own problems to face in the fall, too, but egging this bickering on is too irresistible.

Besides, they are experienced with ganging up on their own. The national Democratic Party has already turned on those it thinks cannot win this fall -- and that is quite a long list.

Now, to the point.

So, for those who are tired of too much politics, too much spending and too many promises left unkept -- and those who are going to scream if they have to listen to one more fat-cat politician tell them he or she has the situation well in hand -- here is what needs to happen if you want to see real change and a new direction.

Someone has to tell the Republican leadership to buck up, to shut up and to stop acting like eighth-grade girls at a middle school dance.

The Tea Party candidates are not subversives sent in to destroy the very fabric of the political process. They are people who care deeply for their country and are concerned about the direction in which they see it heading.

They are focused on values like responsible use of taxpayer funds, lower taxes and smaller government. They are patriots who want to see their country preserved and who want to guarantee that a good foundation is left in place for their children.

They support many of the same issues that the Republican Party has called its signature for generations.

So, set aside the family squabble and get to work.

And when some idiot brings up a criticism of a Tea Party candidate based on some incident in high school, don't just sit there silently.

Speaking up for family-focused, core values and setting a goal of rebuilding the America you say has been nearly lost, starts with strong voices and leadership.

And you can't accomplish much of that if you are huddled over beside a tree with a gaggle of Republicans whispering about the new girl.

Now is the chance to speak with one, strong, united voice. Missing that chance now is just not an option -- not when the stakes are so high.

Otherwise, it really will be just more of the same old politics -- and as you might have noticed, Americans are kind of done with that road.

Published in Editorials on September 22, 2010 11:13 AM