10/13/10 — Inspiration: Students' generosity and caring a blueprint for others to follow

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Inspiration: Students' generosity and caring a blueprint for others to follow

Perhaps Wayne Early Middle College High School is on to something.

Any school that can teach children not only how to succeed academically, but how to be better people needs to be commended -- and emulated.

What the students at the school did for their classmate Tuesday was nothing short of inspiring -- and further evidence that if you give teens the direction and support they need, they will astonish you with their capacity to care about each other.

Oh how nice it would be if the spirit and atmosphere that are being nurtured at Wayne Early Middle College High School could be transferred to high schools around the country.

With so much recent news about how cruel children can be -- and the tragic results of harassment and bullying -- many officials have been trying to figure out how to make teens realize why it is so important to be there for one another and to stand up to those who would rather destroy their dreams than build them.

They seem to have it figured out at WEMCHS.

There are examples every day of Wayne County students who share, care and go above and beyond. But today's news of such a generous and selfless gift by such a small group suggests that perhaps there might be something to the notion that smaller just might be better.

So as Wayne County continues to work to improve its schools and to give students not only the academic lessons they require, but the human lessons they need, perhaps this model can become part of the curriculum.

If this county can not only improve its graduation rate but also turn out such fine young people, we can all say we have accomplished something.

Published in Editorials on October 13, 2010 11:06 AM