10/16/10 — Speak out: Now's the time not to lose your resolve to make country better

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Speak out: Now's the time not to lose your resolve to make country better

Let's face it, the more we hear about what it will take to fix this country -- and what's wrong with it -- and the more we hear from people who think they are the ones who should be put into office to fix it, the more depressing it seems.

It could look very much like every other political year and every other campaign season's load of saying  what the voters want to hear.

But that is not the way to look at the future or this election, not this time.

The best part about this go-around is simply that more people have taken in interest in this year's races. They are making voting choices based not just on party affiliation, but also on what each candidate is saying. They are not settling for partisan rhetoric, from anyone, and they are not being swayed by calls for unity and loyalty.

They are thinking about the kind of country they want for their children and grandchildren and looking for candidates who reflect those values.

So, for the first time in a long time, more people are engaged in the political process and more and more informed voters will be hitting the ballot boxes in a couple weeks.

And, for once, that seems to be a good thing.

So here is the bottom line, the last call of sorts for those who have been sitting around thinking about how scared they are about the future of this nation.

Anyone who thinks that his or her vote does not make a difference should pay attention to how the angry electorate has influenced this fall's election.

More and more candidates are coming out every day distancing themselves from the president, the speaker of the House and anyone who has been in Washington too long to remember what he or she was put there for in the first place.

Some of the commercials, which were mild at first, are becoming increasingly combative and directly address the issue of change and what it does and should mean.

It seems, for once, more politicians are taking the time to listen to the concerns and the desires of the people they serve. They can't afford not to.

And that is why it is important not to drop the gauntlet or to sit back and "see what happens."

Politicians have gotten the message that the voters are serious and they are watching -- that also means they are listening.

There are still a couple of weeks until the campaign ends -- and the rhetoric, the promises and the diversions are going to be even more intense as politicians make their last big pushes. Don't be distracted.

You know what it will take to make this country better. Hold fast to your resolve to put those people in office who will help to make it happen.

Published in Editorials on October 16, 2010 11:52 PM