10/22/10 — Free speech: Juan Williams firing is black eye for 'news' organization

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Free speech: Juan Williams firing is black eye for 'news' organization

You probably do not agree with everything Juan Williams has to say.

But that is not the point -- and not the reason that you should be outraged that his bosses at National Public Radio decided to remove him from his post because of something he said on Fox News.

Williams made a comment that he still is unnerved a bit when he sees someone dressed in Muslim garb on an airplane. His comments were made in the context that after 9/11 many people are likely to leap to the conclusion of fear rather than the more rational analysis that terrorists are often radical Islamists and that they are a minority in the Muslim faith.

Unfortunately, that was too politically incorrect for NPR -- and Williams was out the door.

If you listen to NPR, you know how ridiculous the decision was. All you had to do was listen to the "news commentators" talk about the Tea Party. It seems it is OK to express your opinion on NPR if it is one that meshes with its agenda. Otherwise, it is forbidden.

Those who are calling for federal funding to NPR to be rescinded are absolutely correct. This is an organization that receives public money, yet just censored a citizen of this country's freedom to speak as he chooses.

The sad part is that public funding is really a small part of NPR's bank account -- private donors keep the network alive, and big ones seem to own its airwaves and set its agenda.

NPR is obviously bought and paid for. Now at least, we know that for sure and can act accordingly.

Published in Editorials on October 22, 2010 10:53 AM