11/12/10 — Civility: There's not time for hate, not now

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Civility: There's not time for hate, not now

OK, the election is over.

There are some people who are happy and energized by the result -- and there are others who are not so enthusiastic.

But in the end, this is America, where we celebrate differences and listen to the cacophony of ideas that rattle around this great nation.

It is the foundation of who we are.

So, while we might disagree with what is being said, we certainly should celebrate our right to say it -- even if hearing what someone else has to say about a certain subject does not make our day.

Now that the battles are over for another year, perhaps we can tone down the partisanship and some of the distasteful rhetoric that characterized this past month and a half. We can set aside arguments and turn to talk about the future instead.

We can also remember that some of the people with whom we disagree are our neighbors -- and that while they might feel differently than we do about what is best for the country, they are just as committed to its future success as we are.

In other words, the vote is over. It is time to start thinking about working together and getting something accomplished. That does not mean compromising our values -- or modifying positions just to placate opponents. But it means remembering that no one succeeds if we don't figure out a way to move forward and to address the issues that need addressing.

Accomplishing that begins with respecting each other.

Published in Editorials on November 12, 2010 10:47 AM