12/07/10 — No tax cuts: Don't listen to rhetoric -- this is just status quo

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No tax cuts: Don't listen to rhetoric -- this is just status quo

The fact that the government is not rescinding tax cuts at a time when large numbers of Americans are finding themselves unable to find work -- and struggling to make ends meet -- is not a great concession.

It is simply common sense.

So, while you will hear the words "tax cuts" frequently over the next few days, don't be fooled -- all this is is a decision not to cost you more when you pay your tax bills next year. Nothing will be "cut."

The news that an agreement has been reached is likely not going over too well in many corridors today, but it is the right thing to do -- and President Barack Obama deserves credit for standing up and saying "Let's get this done."

This country needs jobs and to get its economy moving again, period.

We need nothing that will upset the apple cart further -- and nothing that will discourage businesses from increasing their payrolls or at least keeping them steady.

When you are faced with a crisis, you have to make tough decisions. And right now, the right choice is to open up avenues that will lead to signs that the economic picture in this country is improving. When those signs occur, Americans will spend again and employers will expand and hire.

Politics must be set aside now -- and that is what both sides seem to have done. It is a first step on a long road, but in the right direction.

Published in Editorials on December 7, 2010 10:43 AM