12/08/10 — Legacy of courage: Elizabeth Edwards should be remembered for her strength

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Legacy of courage: Elizabeth Edwards should be remembered for her strength

Whether you liked her or her husband's politics, hearing the news that Elizabeth Edwards lost her battle with cancer Tuesday should make you think -- not about scandal and partisanship -- but about courage.

Even during her darkest hours, Mrs. Edwards spent her days encouraging others in their bouts against the disease that claims the lives of millions of Americans each year. She was an advocate, a cheerleader and a crusader -- all while trying to win her own breast cancer battle.

She earned the attention she received in her later years because of her own achievements, not because of her connection with her former senator husband.

In fact, the way she lived her life, managed her family and bounced back after hardship were qualities about Mrs. Edwards that should be admired.

The grace and dignity she showed in the face of the problems with her marriage -- and the scandal that ensued -- were no less than astonishing. And she should be remembered for the classy way she handled herself during that trying time of her life, too.

Elizabeth Edwards was not the famous one, not really. She was the mom raising the children behind the scenes and the wife helping her politician husband with his career.

She was a normal person, her friends and family say.

The legacy she leaves those who knew her and those who admired her moves well-beyond the news items that seemed to follow her during the past few years.

It will be her courage, her grace and her compassion that should be -- and will be -- remembered.

Published in Editorials on December 8, 2010 10:41 AM