12/27/10 — Not worth it: Safety should be community's first priority -- and caring for others

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Not worth it: Safety should be community's first priority -- and caring for others

We will have plenty of time this week to talk about state budgets, local budgets, the Democrat-Republican standoff in county government and what we need to do to support the county's schools.

So just stay tuned for more on those subjects, plus the fallout when Washington gets back to work.

But in the meantime, the snowfall the county has experienced this weekend suggests a couple of important messages.

First off, if you must go out, use extreme caution -- even if you have an SUV, a pickup truck or anything else that would seem to be off-road ready. Slow, easy and patient are the keys for the next couple of days as North Carolina digs out of this wintery mess. Law enforcement personnel would rather be available for true emergencies rather than pulling people out of ditches -- and you want them available, too, just in case you need them.

Speed and ice are deadly enemies. Don't become a statistic just to get to your destination a couple minutes earlier.

Also, if you live in a neighborhood where there are elderly residents, please check on them. Make sure they have medicine, food and they are doing OK as they wait for the snow to clear. Your care and concern are critical for those who cannot get out on their own.

And last but not least, have fun. This is an historic occasion and the chance to make a memory or two with your children and snow-bound families. Send us your pictures at news@newsargus.com.

Published in Editorials on December 27, 2010 10:48 AM