01/07/11 — To obscurity: Edwards is free to live his life, but we do not want to hear about it

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To obscurity: Edwards is free to live his life, but we do not want to hear about it

It is absolutely and without a doubt John Edwards' right to marry anyone he wants to. So, it should really be no surprise that he has asked his former mistress Rielle Hunter to marry him and that he is not being discrete about letting everyone know about it.

After all, his wife of decades, Elizabeth Edwards, has succumbed to cancer. So, what is standing in his way?

Well, other than decency, decorum, the feelings of his children and respect for his wife, of course.

But we digress.

No one in North Carolina or the United States other than Edwards' family and friends should care what he does in his personal life.

It is simply none of our business.

However, just in case Edwards' new life includes re-entry into political life, he should be made aware of what most people -- Republican and Democrat -- want to hear from him.

And that is most definitely and unequivocally, nothing.

Edwards lost his moral compass a long time ago. And while no one on Earth should judge him for that choice, that does not mean that he has any credibility left to make a run for any meaningful position in this country.

He simply has lost our trust -- or at least most people's trust.

There might be some who say that Edwards has a right to a life. And yes, he does.

But when we are picking leaders for this state and country, we should expect more.

So best of luck to him and his new family.

It is time for this cowpoke to ride off into the sunset.

Published in Editorials on January 7, 2011 10:57 AM