01/21/11 — Library victory: Campaign is an example of what a community can do

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Library victory: Campaign is an example of what a community can do

Congratulations are certainly in order for the men and women of the Steele Memorial Library Steering Committee.

All their hard work paid off this week when they received a check for $60,000, which set the committee only $70,000 away from its $350,000 goal.

Sounds pretty far away still, right?

But there is little doubt in anyone's mind that this group is going to hit its final numbers.

Why? Simple. They love their library, want it to be better and they are willing to work hard to make that goal a reality.

What the Steering Committee and the many volunteers and donors have accomplished in Mount Olive is nothing short of miraculous -- especially in these financial times.

Who would have thought with the economy the way it is that anyone could raise $30,000, let alone $350,000 -- and in a community of this size?

This is just another example of how Mount Olive and the communities in Wayne County take care of their towns, their legacies and the things and people that are important to them.

The committee should be proud of the leadership it has shown. And those who have stepped up to support their community should be proud, too.

The library will be a testament to what happens when great minds think alike -- and do the work to make their dream a reality.

Published in Editorials on January 21, 2011 10:47 AM