01/27/11 — Deserving: He might deny it, but Bill Winslow is an example to follow

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Deserving: He might deny it, but Bill Winslow is an example to follow

Of course he was embarrassed.

In the world Bill Winslow grew up in, community service was not something you bragged about -- it was a duty that you did with a smile on your face because it was the right thing to do to give back.

So, when the Wayne County Chamber of Commerce awarded him its highest honor for service, of course he wanted to get off the stage as quickly as possible.

There was no need to thank someone for doing what his parents taught him was the right way to live your life, he must have thought.

But even though he was not too keen on speeches, that doesn't mean that Bill Winslow did not appreciate the accolades from his hometown -- and his humility is part of the reason why he deserved the honor.

The decades of service he has given -- without calls for fanfare or even an acknowledgement of his contributions -- are gifts he has given back to his town and an example he has set for not only his children, but his grandchildren as well.

Bill Winslow has passed along the lessons that his parents taught him -- that he owed something to the community that has allowed him to build a business and to raise a family.

So, he rings a bell, serves his church and makes sure that there is a warm place for people who are down on their luck to sleep at night.

That's why Bill Winslow has the honor as a lifetime member of the Salvation Army -- and why he is a deserving Cornerstone Award recipient.

So while he might not want the fuss, Bill Winslow has made a difference -- and this community is glad to have the chance to say we appreciate it.

Published in Editorials on January 27, 2011 10:56 AM