02/02/11 — Bowling bucks: A successful program like this deserves support

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Bowling bucks: A successful program like this deserves support

Sometimes it feels like you are throwing money into the wind when you give to some charities.

You never see the results of your efforts -- or exactly what your money has purchased. You just have to trust that it is being used properly and that it is getting to the right people.

Not so with the Special Olympics in Wayne County.

Through the efforts of a dedicated group of volunteers -- all of whom are unpaid -- and with little official local support, this group has created a program in which special needs children and adults can shine.

And now, because their sports efforts have been so successful, they are outgrowing their funding and are asking their community to help.

And help we should.

When you see a success story like this -- and the exponential increases in participation and the heartwarming stories of achievement -- you should want to support the effort.

These volunteers are not asking for much. They are trying to get some sponsors to help keep the local teams going and to make sure they will not have to turn away participants.

There have been all kinds of stories about what this program means to the children and adults who participate in it. But in addition to the glow of their smiles and sense of achievement, Special Olympics teaches just as much to the volunteers who are lucky enough to be a part of the effort.

They learn compassion and get the chance to see firsthand what real courage, kindness, determination and sportsmanship look like.

That is the kind of effort Wayne County should want to support.

Published in Editorials on February 2, 2011 10:28 AM