03/21/11 — Tax solution? Celebrities might be key to solving debt dilemma

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Tax solution? Celebrities might be key to solving debt dilemma

Matt Damon is a little upset with President Barack Obama.

It seems the Hollywood star does not think the president should have succumbed and given him a tax cut.

And that's a nice thing. Damon obviously feels that he has more money to share and he wants to give it to the government.

More power to him.

But his little jab a couple of weeks ago suggests that perhaps there might be a solution to the nation's debt crisis right under our noses.

Overpaid movie stars, athletes and others who generate no real, discernible jobs in proportion to the massive salaries they receive should be given the option of donating a portion of their income to charity or be forced to pay straight taxes -- no deductions, period.

What a genius solution, if we do say so ourselves.

That way, if Matt Damon wants to fund more government programs, he has an easy way of doing it -- without having to obligate the rest of us to more dysfunctional bureaucracy.

And think of the added benefits -- like how much less money will spent on illicit pursuits that have landed some stars in jail. Seems like a win-win.

For those who want to choose where their money goes, the traditional options will remain -- and those who generate jobs and reinvest into businesses will continue as they have been. Debt problem -- solved.

We will see how many stars line up to fire their tax accountants and downsize their lifestyles.

We aren't holding our breath.

Published in Editorials on March 21, 2011 10:33 AM