04/08/11 — Come on down: A plate of barbecue will help local boys and girls

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Come on down: A plate of barbecue will help local boys and girls

It is not often that you will see an editorial in this space that tells you to go eat some barbecue -- although perhaps there should be more of them.

But this weekend's Pig in the Park event is not just about getting something tasty to eat.

It is a chance to help fund a program that does a lot for children in Wayne County.

The barbecue event is a fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Club of Wayne County -- a group that offers after school programming across the county for young people.

In addition to having a place to go after classes end for the day, Boys & Girls Club members also can get help with their homework, a chance to play sports and have mentors and volunteers they can count on to help them find their way.

There are many children who come to the clubs in the county who would be home by themselves without them.

As we continue to wonder what is best for our children and how we as a county can make life better for them, we should consider programs like the Boys & Girls Club critical to accomplishing those missions.

By buying a plate of barbecue or making a donation as you enjoy the music and fun this weekend, you are sending a message to Wayne County's children that they are important and that you want to see them become the fine young adults they have the potential to be.

We can complain about the state of today's youths or we can do something to change their destinies.

And in this case, you can get a good meal, too.

Published in Editorials on April 8, 2011 10:58 AM