05/09/11 — Economic watch: It is time to talk energy policy

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Economic watch: It is time to talk energy policy

So many Americans are still wondering just exactly when the recovery that so many analysts keep mentioning is going to reach their driveways.

And while the dire forecasts of gas prices above $5 seem to be unlikely now that oil prices have taken a precipitous drop, don't think the battle is over.

Gas is still ridiculously high -- and trying to keep a tank filled and money in your bank account is still quite a challenge.

So what should we do -- be thankful that gas is only $3.85 and might get as low as $3.50 this summer? Doesn't seem to be the best plan.

Americans have to decide what they are willing to pay -- and what sort of energy policy they want to see their leaders pursue.

There are options at home, alternatives that would allow this country to decrease its dependence on Arab oil sources.

And reducing that dependence has all sorts of other benefits as stability in the Middle East continues to be an X-factor in the future of oil supplies.

It is time to start talking -- seriously. So far, sitting and waiting aren't getting the job done.

Published in Editorials on May 9, 2011 10:52 AM