05/18/11 — A good Scout: Not the least of Tom Yarboro's legacy -- his commitment to Scouts

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A good Scout: Not the least of Tom Yarboro's legacy -- his commitment to Scouts

It was not hard to find people to speak highly of Tom Yarboro. The Goldsboro Milling executive has made his mark as a businessman and a volunteer across the state and country, offering his expertise not only to the Boy Scouts locally, but to the Boys and Girls Club as well as other organizations.

So, the list of those who wanted to congratulate him for being named the BSA Tuscarora Council's Distinguished Citizen of the Year was long.

And the honoree was humble, of course, as most truly deserving award-winners are.

But what makes Tom Yarboro such a deserving nominee was not just his success in business and his willingness to share his knowledge with others. It is not even the time he has devoted to serving on boards and assisting charitable and professional organizations.

What is so emblematic of this man's dedication to Scouting, and to the young men who participate in its activities, is the jacket he wears -- so full of badges and patches that some call him "Col. Yarboro" because of his deep involvement in the Scouting community.

He is a man with a resume of achievements who has not forgotten the tenets of honor, responsibility and commitment that have characterized Scouting for decades, and who is determined to make sure future generations benefit from the gifts his Scouting experience has given him.

So, as predicted, Tom Yarboro was quick to pass off his own achievements as the work of others -- and took the time to honor them as he accepted his local Scout council's highest honor.

And in so doing, he taught not only those in attendance, but the Scouts who might be listening, what it means to be a man of honor, class and dignity.

Yarboro thanked his family and parents for showing him the right path and for supporting him in his efforts and shared his award with them, too -- another example of why he was the perfect choice for this year's honor.

It would have been easy for Yarboro to have settled for a successful business career -- that is enough work on its own.

But to have not only impacted the Boy Scouts, but also to have been a dedicated and involved supporter for the Boys and Girls Club, suggests that he has learned a lesson from which we all could benefit.

Tom Yarboro gives back -- and in doing so, is helping to create opportunities for others and a better world.

That makes him not only a Distinguished Citizen, but a very good Scout -- and a man who is worthy of our praise, and thanks.

Published in Editorials on May 18, 2011 11:10 AM