05/24/11 — Back to basics: No reprieve for president -- the underlying concerns are still there

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Back to basics: No reprieve for president -- the underlying concerns are still there

There was a certain elation and resurgence at the White House when the news came across that Osama bin Laden had been killed.

It gave what to that point had been an anemic presidency a little boost of energy. And in the last few weeks, we have seen the result of that temporary high.

But even though the bin Laden death was good news, it was merely a distraction from the real concerns that plague this country -- and no reprieve for a president who still has a lot of decisions to answer for.

So while the president might take the bin Laden news as proof that the country is moving forward, as those who really follow the news should know, the same old nagging questions remain.

First off, we have not forgotten the health care reform debacle. With many, many states suing for exemptions to the rules and with other groups and districts already receiving waivers -- including several that are under the control of Democratic leaders who are preaching the necessity of the reforms -- there is real concern that the plan is ill-conceived, unpopular and will not work.

So, if health care reform is so critical and so exactly what the country needs, why is there room for any waivers at all? Rescind them -- including any that involve federal agencies or the representatives themselves -- immediately.

And while we are at it, why not put the Congress on the plans first -- with no exemptions or exclusions. Call it a test run.

Of course, there are still questions about the economy, jobs, the expansion of government and the number of states that are facing real budget concerns this year because they took the temporary fix of federal funds last year.

We are no closer, really, to a solution there either.

And while you are at it, keep an eye on U.S. monetary policy -- analysts are really concerned about the consequences it will bring.

Add to those concerns, a seeming screech and turn-around in U.S. policy toward Israel, and it is time to wonder if perhaps the president might have misinterpreted the country's reaction to the news that the mastermind of Sept. 11, 2001, is dead.

This nation's citizenry is still concerned with the direction this country is taking and with the policies and decisions that the man at the helm is making.

Keeping a close eye on both is still critical -- and exactly what Americans need to keep doing.

Published in Editorials on May 24, 2011 10:29 AM