05/31/11 — Edwards ... plead: Everybody tired of hearing sordid tale

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Edwards ... plead: Everybody tired of hearing sordid tale

One of today's headlines is one North Carolinians are all too familiar with -- John Edwards is going to court.

There are some who want him to plead to charges he used campaign funds to take care of his mistress during his run for the White House.

Others want him to fight, saying the prosecution would have difficulty proving its case.

But most of the rest of the world, including many, many people in North Carolina, simply want him to go away.

To say that the Edwards story is disgusting is putting it mildly -- and to say that we dodged a bullet because he did not have a successful presidential bid is an understatement.

And while most people do want to know how this case turns out, it is likely the last they want to hear from the former Senate golden boy and North Carolina's tarnished "hero."

What will happen in Edwards' future is, as yet, undetermined. But let's hope we learned something about the kind of men and women we want running our country -- and have figured out a better way to check them out before we waste our time on them.

That will be John Edwards' legacy.

Published in Editorials on May 31, 2011 10:46 AM