06/09/11 — What's the fuss? Voter identification bill should really be a no-brainer

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What's the fuss? Voter identification bill should really be a no-brainer

We have said it before, and we will say it again: There is absolutely nothing wrong with requiring photo identification from a potential voter or with reducing the hours they can pre-vote.

Anyone who pretends that there is no fraud associated with votes that are cast without proof of identification is living in fantasy land.

The phrase "vote early and often" has certainly been proven to apply in many of those cases.

Asking voters to produce identification should not be an issue at all. You can't use a check without an identification card and, in some cases, you cannot even use a credit card. And those are just a couple of the many places where there are identification requirements.

Asking voters to prove who they are -- and to keep record of how many times they are voting -- is not a fascist plot to restrict the voice of the people. On the contrary, it is designed to make sure that voting is fair, honest and done by the people who have the right to do so -- once.

It is really well past time to end the practice of making it so simple to vote that we are practically begging those who could care less to come cast a ballot. It also more than time to take away the benefit it offers for some politicians.

One vote, one voice is not the right phrase.

It should be one responsible vote, one honest voice.

These new rules just might be the first step to achieving that ideal.

Published in Editorials on June 9, 2011 10:41 AM