06/21/11 — More time: It's not much, but city -- and residents -- have time to plead their case

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More time: It's not much, but city -- and residents -- have time to plead their case

The city of Goldsboro obviously has a money concern. Otherwise, the new tax rate would be revenue neutral.

So, the fact that the City Council is taking a couple extra weeks to look at a potential purchase of a $500,000 building that needs another $1.5 million in repairs is prudent and responsible.

Although the money will come from tourism dollars -- and there are some who question if that is a proper use of those dollars -- there will be extra expenses that will go along with maintaining another building, let alone starting an Air Force museum.

And based on Monday's budget discussion, the truth is, there might be a few more things residents might want to see their money spent on -- not the least of which are their fire and police departments or perhaps some of the city services that are in jeopardy because budgets are tight.

Of course, the city's proposed public information officer -- slated at a cost of $70,000 a year -- might be able to explain that choice more effectively. It would seem that might be a good place to cut if one were looking for a place to pick up a few extra funds.

It is important to understand that council members are interested in what you think and what you want for the future of your city.

If you think it is time to charge forward on an Air Force museum, speak up and say so.

If you think this project needs a little more incubation time, say so, too.

Goldsboro is a city on the move, with much to look forward to in the future. All that is needed right now is a timeline to get there that is reasoned, responsible.

Published in Editorials on June 21, 2011 10:40 AM