07/08/11 — Your money: Keep your eyes peeled -- there is mischief afoot

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Your money: Keep your eyes peeled -- there is mischief afoot

Every American who pays taxes should keep a close eye on Washington this week.

The first reason is that they are talking about your money. The second reason is that there are politicians claiming they have the situation well in hand.

So here's the bottom line -- extending the debt ceiling might be a reality we just cannot escape. We cannot default on bills, that would not be responsible.

But what we can insist on is that the Republicans, who were given the public's nod in the midterm elections precisely because voters wanted this mess cleaned up, stick to their guns and reduce the cost of government. And that means without ridiculous fees and/or taxes.


And if we are going to demand that this standard is upheld, we have to understand two things -- one, there is still a big spending proponent in the White House (even if now he is beginning to sound more like financial self-help gurus Suze Orman or Dave Ramsey); and two, we have to understand that cutting government means there will sacrifices in service, freebies and benefits (you know, the same thing we tell our kids when the family budget gets tight).

Don't listen to the rhetoric or anything else that you might hear from Washington. Ignore scare tactics and political double talk.

Your mother and father taught you what needs to be done when your means shrink.

It is time Washington learned the same lesson.

Published in Editorials on July 8, 2011 11:54 AM