07/19/11 — Scary times: It is still about jobs. No matter what Washington has to say.

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Scary times: It is still about jobs. No matter what Washington has to say.

Let's face facts: You cannot grow an economy without jobs -- and not the unfunded, tax-money-guzzling government bureaucracy kind, but with regular jobs funded by thriving private businesses that are exchanging goods and services and bringing in a bottom line.

So why is it that no one in Washington seems to see just how bad it is? Why don't they notice that more and more Americans are settling for jobs they are over-qualified for or sending out hundreds of resumes to no avail? Why don't they see that businesses are petrified by the prospect of even more government fees and regulations and are not letting go of cash -- just in case?

And why are there so many people sitting in cushy, taxpayer-funded offices with large salaries and great benefits and retirements refusing to see what is really happening, how many people are really scared to death of not only the next year, but the following 10?

The way to build a strong America and to improve the economic climate in this country is to make it possible for the work force to work.

Sure, there are still plenty of people who will fall back on the system and milk benefits for as long as they can, but there are many more who would give anything to have an office, a job and a paycheck.

The economic downturn hurts in other ways, too. Hard to take a risk and pursue a new business venture or a new line of work in an economy that seems to be nothing less than teetering on the verge of collapse.

Why would you take on such a challenge right now -- unless you did not have a family to feed?

Jobs are what this country needs. So, we need to find ways to foster the conditions that create them.

And while we are at it, Washington also needs a good old dose of budgeting and spending cuts.

That is how we turn this around, really.

Published in Editorials on July 19, 2011 10:26 AM