07/20/11 — Park-gate: Has there ever been a decision that took so long?

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Park-gate: Has there ever been a decision that took so long?

The continuing debate over the opening or closing of Park Avenue through Herman Park has become a source of amusement and consternation for many in the city -- and for some members of the Goldsboro City Council as well.

It took less time to drop $500,000 on a building than it has taken for the city leaders to decide what to do about the road that runs through the park.

First, there was the mysterious decision to close the road in the first place -- which some say was simply a pronouncement by a City Council member who ignored the rules on how you go about such decisions.

Then there was the protest by citizens who demanded a public hearing on the issue -- and a resulting vote to open the road back up.

That was months ago.

Since then, there has been back and forth, changes of heart and alleged compromise on what seemed to be a pretty clear decision in early May.

The work has been stopped a couple of times, with city officials trying to figure out exactly what city leaders want them to do with the road in question. And then there was the worry over how much a gate would cost. Really?

One would think this would not be that difficult -- and certainly not a problem city leaders would still be wrestling with as summer draws to a close.

And now, we are supposed to be getting a gate and a closure schedule. What happened to that May vote?

One council member quipped earlier this month that there might be a decision on the road by Christmas. Let's hope it doesn't take that long. This is an issue that has been decided and needs to be resolved, sooner rather than later.

Published in Editorials on July 20, 2011 10:47 AM