08/02/11 — A triumph: Not the bill, Giffords' return

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A triumph: Not the bill, Giffords' return

OK, so they passed a deal. The debate that has consumed the nation for the past week continued Monday -- as expected.

But the really interesting and uplifting news from Monday's scramble on Capitol Hill was that there was a familiar face returning to the House of Representatives to cast her vote -- one not too many people were sure they would see in the halls of Congress again.

Gabrielle Giffords voted Monday on the debt ceiling plan -- in part because it was needed, and in part because it was a chance to make her comeback.

And what a welcome return it was.

No matter on which side of the political fence you fall, Giffords' brave recovery and return to her post is nothing short of inspiring.

How easy it would have been to give up, stay home and wait for whatever comes next. She could have been afraid, recalcitrant and hidden for more than a few more months and no one would have thought less of her.

But she didn't make that choice -- and in doing so, she is an inspiration not only to those fighting to recover from traumatic brain injuries, but also anyone whose life has been changed forever by the criminal act of another human being.

So in the midst of the partisan blame-throwing and the continuing debate that has been less than inspiring over the past week, we got a chance to see what leadership, responsibility and accountability really mean.

We got a chance to see a congresswoman who wanted to make sure her constituents were represented and that a criminal's horrific act did not define her life.

And that, is real courage.

Published in Editorials on August 2, 2011 11:20 AM