08/05/11 — Tragedy hits here: Murder victim was part of News-Argus family

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Tragedy hits here: Murder victim was part of News-Argus family

She wasn't anybody famous.

In fact, not many of you probably knew her.

But to us, for years, she has been a part of our mailroom crew here at the News-Argus.

And although there is much to write about in this column these days, today it seemed only appropriate not just to talk to you about Jean Hubbard, but to remind you also of the hundreds of crime victims whose lives have been lost or forever changed all across Wayne County.

To be honest, talking to you also might just help those of us who are still struck by how fleeting and fragile life is and how sad it is when someone dies so needlessly.

Ms. Hubbard was someone's mother, and here, many people's friend. She was a quiet lady with a whole life lived and lots of stories and love to share. She had her cats and a son and friends who cared about her.

All that changed sometime last week.

We cannot begin to imagine how the family of a crime victim must suffer. We cannot possibly fathom what it feels like to lose a son, daughter, husband, wife, father or mother or to have to hear from a law enforcement officer that your loved one has been taken from you.

That is a pain that is too deep to share, too much to explain.

But we can tell you, it hurt us to know that someone we work with, someone we know, someone we saw in the hallway, won't be coming to work anymore -- and that she died in so terrible a manner.

This is not the place to analyze motive or to speak of guilt, trials or suspects. That is not why we decided to talk to you today.

We just wanted you to know that like so many stories that appear on these pages each day, this is not just a recitation of another crime in Wayne County.

It is a sad accounting of a life lost much too soon -- and a source of pain for those who knew and loved the victim.

We wanted you to remember what we have always known, that behind every crime story we write is a life story -- a person, not just a statistic.

We know you understand. We know you, too, want to see justice done, not just for Ms. Hubbard, but for anyone who has been victimized by a criminal.

We know this is a community that cares for not only the big names, but about the little people, too. We know how big your hearts are. We thought you deserved to hear our story much the same way you tell us yours.

That's why we wanted to share with you, our readers, today of all days, when our own hearts are heavy.

We will continue to tell the stories of the victims as well as the suspects. And we will continue to call for tough penalties for those who commit violent crimes of any kind.

It is our way of letting Ms. Hubbard and all the other victims know that their deaths will not be forgotten, ignored or trivialized.

We consider it our duty and our honor.

And today, we renew that vow in the name of one of our own.

Published in Editorials on August 5, 2011 10:57 AM