08/08/11 — Heroes' message: Those who were lost in attack said they were honored to serve

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Heroes' message: Those who were lost in attack said they were honored to serve

As more news surfaces about the tragic helicopter crash in Afghanistan, this nation is humbled once again by the bravery of the young men and women who serve in its military.

And we are sad, too.

It was bad enough when we simply knew that we had lost 30 members of our elite special forces team. But now, as we start to hear more about some of the men we lost this weekend, we are in mourning once again -- and reminded of the costs of war.

All those who died were heroes, of course. Military officials say they were returning from a mission to save some Army Rangers who were pinned down by enemy fire.

They accomplished that mission, just like they have done with the many others we will never know about.

Of course, we admire them because they were so highly trained and so good at their jobs.

But when you hear their stories, their dreams and their commitment to what they were doing in the face of personal danger every day of their lives, you should be proud that they wore your country's uniform.

These young men, their families say, were patriots, proud of their service and of their country and determined to finish the job they had started in Afghanistan and Iraq.

And we should be committed as well -- to making sure there is no need for another set of young men to place their lives on the line there again.

We need to accomplish our mission -- in their honor.

Published in Editorials on August 8, 2011 10:54 AM