09/01/11 — Jobs report: Country needs more than pretty words right now

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Jobs report: Country needs more than pretty words right now

President Barack Obama will have a little more time before he speaks to the nation about his plan for creating more jobs in the country.

It was a gesture at the request of Rep. John Boehner, who asked the president to wait one day before calling the joint session of Congress. The change to Thursday will allow a Republican debate to continue as planned.

And since he has an extra day, let's hope the president takes the time to look over what he is going to say -- and edits out all the catchy phrases, big promises and fancy words.

Americans want it simple with no partisanship, no fanfare and no false hope. They want to know what the president is going to do about the deteriorating job situation and to bolster an economy that is shaky at best.

There better be ideas, plans and evidence that this plan is going to work. No more stimulus. No more big promises with nothing behind them.

This is no time for inspiring speeches. That is just not enough.

America needs a way to convince businesses that there is a reason to trust that the growth will be there -- that high taxes and regulation will not eat up any profits they might make.

That, not another round of applause, is what the president needs to accomplish this time.

Published in Editorials on September 1, 2011 10:51 AM