10/04/11 — Fair weather: Don't miss your chance to enjoy state's best county fair

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Fair weather: Don't miss your chance to enjoy state's best county fair

Who doesn't get busy during the week?

Add your children's activities to your already crammed personal schedule, and the only thing there is time to do is to eat dinner and call it a night.

But this week, Wayne County residents have the chance to not only explore their roots, but also to show their children a different view of the world -- one that doesn't come with a video controller or a remote.

The fair offers a look at one of the biggest industries in this county -- agriculture. In addition to the chance to see a cow or a horse up close, the fair shows young people and their parents where their food comes from as well as some of the careers that can be found in the field of agriculture.

In some communities, the fair might not be as big a deal, but in Wayne County, it is a long-term effort to make sure it is the best -- and it is crowned such every year. That's why it has earned the title of Wayne Regional Agricultural Fair and routinely draws people from all over the state.

So why not set aside the normal routine for one or two nights (or more) this week and head on down to the fairgrounds. The fair has more to offer than just the usual rides, treats and shows -- although those are pretty good, too.

Who knows, you might see a few friends on the midway and get a chance to spend a little time with your family that doesn't require channel surfing.

The men and women who volunteer each year to bring you the fair have worked hard to bring you this one -- and the weather is doing a lot of cooperating.

Could there be a better week to head to the fairgrounds?

Published in Editorials on October 4, 2011 10:57 AM