10/05/11 — Who's on first? It is time to start focusing on who IS running for GOP nomination.

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Who's on first? It is time to start focusing on who IS running for GOP nomination.

Well, the news is finally in -- finally.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is not running for the Republican nomination for president.

It has been a roller coaster ride waiting for the announcement -- complete with eager donors and supporters clamoring for an answer and the "will he, won't he" debates.

But now it is done, Christie has given his answer, and it is time to move on to deciding whom among those who have declared their candidacy for the highest office in the country are really the right fit for the nomination.

There will be lots more mountains made out of mole hills and questions raised about everything from policies and past statements to ridiculous measures like what Rick Perry said about North Carolina barbecue.

Hopefully, we can set all the speculation and "punditry" aside and get back to talking about the issues that matter -- and what this country needs to move forward.

And that means Republicans -- and really, Democrats, too -- have to determine who would be the best person to lead this nation.

To do that, voters have to ignore the non-stories in the press and the analysis that focuses on what does not matter. They have to take debates seriously and to listen to what the candidates say they stand for, not just what others say about them.

They have to decide which issues matter to them and who among the men and women seeking the seat have the best answers. And then, they have to vote.

That is what matters now.

Published in Editorials on October 5, 2011 11:00 AM