10/19/11 — Memorial: New Veterans Memorial is county's chance to remember

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Memorial: New Veterans Memorial is county's chance to remember

The beautiful structure that now graces the city of Goldsboro has a deeper meaning than just another pretty place for residents to walk and relax.

The Wayne County Veterans Memorial pays tribute to generations of heroes who gave their lives in defense of their country.

In addition to the memorial itself, there are lists of the names of those lost -- and flags flying.

It is a place of honor and respect.

And it should be treated that way.

It is critical that the area be maintained properly and that those who might use it for, say, a skateboarding area, are fined if they are caught misusing the space.

It should be top priority when it comes to maintenance and lawn mowing -- and there should be an army of volunteers ready and willing to add landscaping, to improve facilities and to run programs to continue to support it.

That is the only way it can remain what it is supposed to be -- a thank you and a promise never to forget the sacrifices made in the name of freedom and this nation.

This county owes a debt of gratitude to these heroes, and the memorial does an outstanding job of reflecting this community's respect for the veterans honored there.

And it is up to us to make sure it stays that way.

As the years go by, the stories of those who fought in World War I and II, Vietnam and Korea will not be as easy to come by -- and the new round of veterans will have their own stories to tell.

How nice it is to know that the memorial will remain a place for generations to remember.

Published in Editorials on October 19, 2011 12:30 PM