10/21/11 — Good advice: County, state and nation can learn from CEO's comments

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Good advice: County, state and nation can learn from CEO's comments

When someone with jobs to offer gives you advice, the best thing to do is listen.

And Thursday, that is exactly what David Storch of AAR Corp. gave local and state dignitaries as he announced plans to add 100 more jobs to his company's Goldsboro site -- and lamented the 600 jobs companywide he is having trouble filling.

The problem? There simply are not enough people with the skills necessary to staff the jobs he has open -- even with high unemployment and families struggling to keep two or even one income.

And these jobs are not advanced skills positions either. With some technical training and the right skills for working in a professional environment, there are plenty of people who would be successful in these roles.

The problem is, they do not have the training ... yet.

And that is where the piece of advice and blueprint for Wayne County's future comes in.

This county's partnership with Wayne Community College in providing jobs skills training is a key component to bringing in new business investment and keeping county residents employed.

By offering more of these programs and identifying high school students and college students who would benefit from them, this county could be very attractive to an employer with openings and nowhere to turn.

There is no better resume item than a willing and trained work force.

So the next step is to find more ways to utilize this connection. That's the kind of investment that will pay big dividends in the future.

Published in Editorials on October 21, 2011 11:17 AM