10/27/11 — He's back: Let's hope John Edwards' plans involve fading into the sunset

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He's back: Let's hope John Edwards' plans involve fading into the sunset

There is nothing more disgusting than a politician who should have known better, and who has made a point of critiquing others for dishonesty, standing up in court and trying to use a loophole to get out of trouble.

Maybe John Edwards did get monetary "gifts" from his friends to take care of hiding his mistress while campaigning for president. Maybe that makes the charges against him null and void.

But the last thing the public should want to see from Edwards right now is anymore excuse-making.

The court will decide if the former senator was skirting the rules when he used nearly $1 million to hide Rielle Hunter and his unborn child.

That is really the only judgment left to make.

There is no question that the rest of Edwards' tale of deception is nothing less than despicable.

The former senator's lawyers are alleging that the charges against Edwards were political. And perhaps, of all the inanities that have come from this rather sordid tale -- this is one of the most galling.

Either Edwards did something shady or he didn't. No matter how the investigation came about, the truth is he got caught.

Edwards' bravado has been increasing lately. Perhaps he thinks he will get the charges thrown out.

But what should be certain is that he no longer has any chance of playing a leadership role anywhere.

He has already proven that he is not qualified.

Published in Editorials on October 27, 2011 10:43 AM