10/28/11 — Good citizens: Local industries, businesses are there for community

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Good citizens: Local industries, businesses are there for community

AAR Corp. is just one example.

But Wayne County is really blessed to have a number of local businesses and industries that care enough about their communities to get involved in them.

And in these times of tight budgets and tough economies, it is important to remember just how much local businesses support this community -- and to support them in return.

From industries that market their products all over the world to small businesses that provide goods and services right here at home, these companies are the backbones of this community.

They are there for the United Way, Relay for Life, local ball teams and charities of all shapes and sizes.

They consider it their duty as citizens. And we are lucky we have so many who do.

So this holiday season, pay attention to which businesses are there when the chips are down. Support those who support your community.

And when it comes time to do your Christmas shopping or to purchase your holiday turkey, remember the names that you have seen on every list for every major charitable effort in this county, in some cases, for years.

If you need gas or decide to head out for dinner, remember that there are some businesses that are the first to offer support when there is a need in this community.

That is how you send a message that Wayne County is open for business -- and you make sure there are plenty of businesses that are still open.

It is certainly something to think about as you make your list and check it twice this holiday season.

Published in Editorials on October 28, 2011 10:47 AM