11/04/11 — Too much: Kardashian scandal a wakeup call about reality TV stars

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Too much: Kardashian scandal a wakeup call about reality TV stars

It doesn't seem like any of us should be wasting time talking about it, but there is something that can be learned from the recent scandal involving celebrity-in-her-own-mind Kim Kardashian and her nuptials.

The sad part is, 72 days is not a record for a celebrity or wannabe's marriage. There are some that have been much shorter -- Britney Spears comes to mind, another top-notch role model for young girls.

But what is shocking is that millions of dollars were spent on this spectacle, which ended up looking like nothing more than a publicity stunt and a chance to make a buck.

Reality TV is interesting in part because it involves real people with real issues. But what is scary sometimes is how these pseudo-celebrities with no talent and no discernible appeal other than as objects of ridicule decide that they have something to say -- and our children listen.

Kim Kardashian has a right to a life and to make decisions about her future without judgment from those who do not have to walk in her shoes.

But we give her too much credence, too much power, too much more than the 15 minutes of fame she should be allotted. And it is worrisome.

Americans are too celebrity-focused. We allow our children to worship teen idols to the point where they take advice from them.

Some parents celebrate looks and fame instead of honor and character.

We created Kim Kardashian and her entourage of her siblings and her stage mother.

Perhaps it is time to take some of that attention away -- before we create another Lindsay Lohan.

Miss Kardashian obviously needs time to figure out her life -- and she doesn't need to do it with another more than $10 million TV extravaganza wedding.

Perhaps a few values other than money might be in order here.

Published in Editorials on November 4, 2011 10:39 AM