11/22/11 — Now what? So much for the Supercommittee. What is ahead for country?

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Now what? So much for the Supercommittee. What is ahead for country?

The only thing scarier than entrusting the future of this nation's financial integrity to the U.S. Congress is leaving it up to President Barack Obama and his administration of people who do not seem to know what it takes to run a country.

The latest debacle of the Debt Supercommittee carries with it a bit of irony -- first off that a group of grown men and women cannot seem to get that it is time to get SOMETHING done.

And second that the president is lecturing anyone about making sure the debt gets cut. Isn't he the one who added on a whole bunch more in the first place?

Unfortunately, our leaders in Washington seem to be at an impasse -- again. And, if you read the coverage of the negotiations, it suggests that perhaps there is not much hope that they will ever reach an agreement that starts this country back on the right track.

But this is when we, as taxpayers, need to get very, very nervous.

After all, when the government is left to its own devices, and we rely on bureaucrats to get a job done, it ends up costing us more.

The truth is there is no solution that is imminent, obvious or forthcoming anytime soon.

The issue now is damage control.

The time for leadership from the White House is long past. If this is going to get fixed, the results need to come from the Capitol.

And that will require some maturity, perspective and full disclosure. We will have to wait and see if any of that still exists.

Published in Editorials on November 22, 2011 10:48 AM