11/30/11 — Sneak attack: It seemed like they got it and then, whamo, no gas tax cap

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Sneak attack: It seemed like they got it and then, whamo, no gas tax cap

It is encouraging when legislators get it -- when they comprehend the consequences of the decisions they make in Raleigh for the average, everyday North Carolinian.

Many of them are not struggling now to meet bills. And most probably would not think twice about an increase of 4 cents per gallon of gas, other than perhaps to complain about how much prices have gone up recently.

But for the rest of us, this kind of increase is a big deal, especially if prices continue to skyrocket for fuel.

This economic environment is shaky and scary. There are still many people out of work and others who are simply struggling to get by.

And even though it might not seem like a lot to the average legislator, there are many people for whom another increase in gas prices is a serious blow to an already strained budget.

Those who voted against the cap that would have postponed the increase said it would delay road repairs across the state.

Uh, well, yes.

But is it really that serious a problem to wait a little while longer for roadwork in this state, especially if so many people are having difficulties making ends meet?

Many of these legislators seem to think that state residents will barely notice the increase. And perhaps they won't.

But what we need to be careful of now is to make sure that this is not the first of many sneak attack tax increases that are not necessarily reflected on our state tax bills, but have the same impact, nonetheless.

State leaders need to be very particular where they ask for more money. State residents just do not have that much more to give.

Published in Editorials on November 30, 2011 10:27 AM