12/01/11 — Just a patch? If longer days are a priority, state should find funds.

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Just a patch? If longer days are a priority, state should find funds.

Unfunded mandates are a constant source of complaint for the state's school districts.

And while adding five days to the school year to allow students more time to learn might be a good idea, truth is, someone has to pay for the extra utilities and other expenses that go along with keeping the schools open and the buses running another week.

So the question really should be: Is this another decoration designed to make state residents think someone is doing something about the state of North Carolina's schools or is it really the best choice for educating students?

If it is the latter, than the money should come out of the state budget.

The reality of this current economic situation is simple -- there is no extra money. Even counties that have managed their money wisely and school districts that have made prudent decisions with the extra dollars they received last year are not rolling in extra funds.

If education is going to be a priority in this state, it has to start in Raleigh. That means money has to come from the state budget.

And if we are looking for a place to start, how about the state's Department of Education -- maybe we could find a few extra dollars lying around there.

Published in Editorials on December 1, 2011 1:38 PM