12/05/11 — Distinguished: Commissioner Andy Anderson fought for his community

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Distinguished: Commissioner Andy Anderson fought for his community

There just are not that many public officeholders these days whose sole purpose for serving on a board really is serving the people.

Sure, there still might be a little ego involved, but, in the end, what matters to those rare few who serve for the right reasons is not party affiliation or pressure from some outside force -- and personal interest does not even enter the picture. They are there to do what is best for the community in which they live.

Longtime Commissioner Andy Anderson was one of those people who got that -- and lived it.

The military hero and county advocate worked hard to get on the commission in the first place -- and then battled hard for issues that he felt would set his county up for a prosperous and bright future.

He was always conservative, but there were times when Anderson stood against those in his party and others on his board when he thought the best decision should transcend party lines.

The only regret he has a right to harbor is that he did not get a chance to serve as chairman of the county commission. He was likely prevented from that service because of his party's minority status -- and that decision was a sad show of politics that ended up costing this county the services of a first-class leader who did not waste time with partisanship when there was work to be done.

Anderson will serve his last few hours on the commission tomorrow before he moves into the next phase of his life -- retirement.

He says the wear and tear of being a commissioner has taken its toll -- and he wants to spend more time with his family.

It will be a well-deserved rest for a man who is tired from his service because he has done it right -- with honor, integrity and purpose.

Anderson might be retiring from serving in an official sense, but he will never give up on his calling, being an advocate and champion for the community he loves.

And Wayne County has been and will be better for it.

Published in Editorials on December 5, 2011 10:37 AM