12/12/11 — Not like us: Face it. None of them are like the average American.

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Not like us: Face it. None of them are like the average American.

It is kind of funny to hear how many candidates and incumbents out there tout themselves as "one of us." They claim to speak for the "little guy," "the average American."

Truth is, they aren't and they don't.

It was stupid to offer a $10,000 bet on national television, but for anyone to think Mitt Romney is the only one who is "out of touch" with average Americans, just take a look around the White House -- and the candidate slate for both parties every year.

And if that is not enough to convince you, check out former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's connections and her net worth.

These are not regular people. They do not deal with regular people problems and they really do not know what it is like to have to handle regular people economic issues.

And before you say it -- or believe the new round of rhetoric that President Barack Obama is fighting for the people because he feels their pain -- think about how much money he has taken in so far from his book deal -- millions, check his public tax return.

Sure, he donated proceeds from his other book to charity, but the Obama family is not exactly struggling to make ends meet -- or they would not have been able to afford a trip to Spain for their daughter and multiple trips and perks that go along with the high life, including a rather pricey, purebred dog and private school for their children.

Truth is that none of those who are running for office these days are really "of the people." Some have humble backgrounds and stories of achievement obtained through hard work and overcoming odds, but their current success is no more a predictor of how they will respond to the needs of the common man than a "Democrat" moniker indicates that they will represent the needs of those who are still making their way.

There are still plenty of people on both sides of the aisle who wrap themselves in their concern for the poor while living a life of connections, deals and profiteering from them.

So how do you find the "people's candidate?"

Look at the policies. Are they perpetuating an underclass by creating a circumstance where the only way to succeed is to get on the government dole or to get a government job?

Are they looking out for their own futures while denying others the chance to build theirs?

If so, run the other way.

This country needs someone who has had to make a payroll, has compassion and who can make tough decisions when necessary.

Anything else is just hype.

Published in Editorials on December 12, 2011 10:24 AM