12/20/11 — Ho, ho, hum: Battle in Congress is much ado about an easy decision

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Ho, ho, hum: Battle in Congress is much ado about an easy decision

Here we go again. Back to the drawing board.

But let's hope that the bickering kindergartners in Congress get it right, before there is real damage done.

The extension of the payroll tax cut or unemployment benefits is not really the issue here. It is more about politics than anything else.

The Democrats in Congress have found a new way to cast budget-conscious Republicans into heartless Scrooges determined to take money away from families -- and the GOP, at least in the House, is falling for the trap.

Truth is, cuts and extensions need to be paid for -- and there is nothing wrong with insisting on that. After all, don't we already have enough spending we cannot account for or justify?

But now is perhaps not the time to get pinned into a situation where a non-vote creates a hardship for families, and a real debate is simply a chance to allow the other side to do a bunch of spinning as the year ends.

Truth is, American families do not need to pay anymore taxes, and there are some people struggling to deal with the lack of jobs caused by a stimulus bill that did absolutely nothing except raise the national debt.

Vote for the extension and then prepare for the real fight in January.

And don't think for a minute there is no politics involved in the Democrats' determination to hold steady to protect American families. They are manipulating behind the scenes, too. The add-ons and lack of responsibility for paying for yet another spending increase are the real crux of this debate.

So what is the answer? A temporary fix for now and a renewed battle in the new year.

America needs a reasonable and balanced budget that pays the bills and cuts the debt. But most importantly, it needs an economic plan that will actually create jobs and boost growth.

Don't be fooled by the flash and rhetoric. That is the only way, really, to get Americans back to work and the country on the right track.

And that is a battle that should begin Jan. 1.

Published in Editorials on December 20, 2011 10:35 AM