01/09/12 — Input needed: These days, governments could use a little advice

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Input needed: These days, governments could use a little advice

It's not such a bad idea, really, for governments to ask their constituents what they could do better and where they are wasting or misdirecting their money.

And if, in the process, residents actually share their views on the job performances of those who are running things in their courthouses and capitols, that's just a bonus.

This might be a year when a survey like that just might be beneficial for those who are serving Wayne County. It is too bad it is too costly for the state government (and perhaps Washington) to do the same. Boy, wouldn't that be some interesting reading.

Asking residents where they want their money spent -- and if they are willing to put their dollars where they say their priorities are -- is a good idea. It allows county leaders to pinpoint the most efficient use of the money and to stop spending on programs residents say are not a priority.

But there is a catch.

Wayne County residents have to speak up.

If they ask you, tell them, in no uncertain terms, how you feel. And then watch to see what happens. That is the only way for you to see results and to hold your leaders accountable.

So make sure your mouse is ready and take the call if the county asks.

Now might just be your chance.

Published in Editorials on January 9, 2012 10:35 AM